IQF Mukimame,IQF Shelled Edamame,IQF Green Soyabeans Kernerls

IQF Mukimame,IQF Shelled Edamame,IQF Green Soyabeans Kernerls


Brand Name︰the buyer's brand

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

With selected fresh and safe raw materials, processed in our reliable factories, supervised by our QC group, so our products are enjoying very good reputations among our respectful clients from many different countries.

IQF mukimame
IQF Shelled edamame 
IQF peeled edamame 
IQF edmame kernels
IQF shelled soyabeans
IQF soy beans kernels
IQF green soy beans kernels
IQF peeled green soy beans

Variety:Taiwan 75(No.3), Dabandou,Daqingdou,604,Green Emerald,etc.
Size: 650-750pcs/500g(depending on the weather,etc)

IQF edamame  in pods,RB(regularly blanched)
IQF edamame in pods,SB(salted blanched)
IQF edamame in pods,LB(Long Blanched)
IQF green soy beans in pods,RB(regularly blanched)
IQF green soy beans in pods,SB(salted blanched)
IQF green soy beans in pods,LB(Long Blanched)
RB(Regularly Blanched)
LB(Long Blanched)
SB(Salted Blanched)
GB(Glazed Blanched)

Variety:Taiwan 75(No. 3), Dabandou,Daqingdou,604,Green Emerald,etc.
Size:140-160pcs/500g(depending on the weather,etc)

IQF edamame in pods,glazed
IQF edamame in pods,ice glazed
IQF green soyabeans in pods,glazed

glazing:30%,35%,40%(as per the clients)

20X500g, 30X400g, 40X300g/CTN, 4X2500g/CTN, 20x450g/ctn, 20x454g/ctn
1x30lbs, 1x20lbs, 10X2.2lbs/CTN, 20x16oz/CTN, 580kgs/TOTE(slip sheet)
(as per the clients' requirements)

Origin:Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu,Shandong Provinces

Spring Crop: From May. To Jul.
Autumn Crop: From Sep. To Oct

Certificates:HACCP, KOSHER, BRC, ISO,HALAL  certificates

Successfully exported countries:
Japan, EU, North America, South America, Israel, S. Korea, Southeast Asia,Russia,etc

Standards Certificate︰ ISO,HACCP,BRC,KOSHER,HALAL

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